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We’re a voluntary social and support group for the LGBT+ Community in the West.


What We Do

The OutWest committee is elected every year at the AGM. There are several committee members who are elected by the patrons of OutWest in attendance on the night. There are 7 positions on the management committee which are specialised positions: Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Communications Officer, Education Officer, and Inclusion Officer; along with regional coordinator positions for each county in Connacht, and 2 additional committee member posts. Regional coordinators may also form sub-committees in their respective counties. These committee members are tasked with running OutWest for the year on behalf of OutWest‘s patrons.

The committee meets every month to discuss tackling the issues faced by the LGBT+ community in Connacht, the running of the Drop-In Centre, and plan a variety of activities. In the past this has included various social events such as walks, bowling, meals and quiz nights, held in every county in Connacht.

Another favourite with some patrons is the Christmas Dinner, which has been held in Mayo for the past few years and has been a very enjoyable experience for all those who attended.

These activities sometimes require the committee to take some extra time out to plan and create a strategy for the future of OutWestAs the needs of patrons and members of the LGBT+ community evolve and change over time, OutWest seeks to do the same.

Should you wish to get involved in OutWest or if you have any ideas that you would like the committee to consider on your behalf, please email us or come along to the AGM, Drop-In Centre, or any of our other events. We would love to see and hear from you.

OutWest  is a voluntary social, support and advocacy group for LGBT+ people in the West of Ireland. It was originally founded in 1997 as Mayo Roscommon Outreach.

The group aims to organise social outings and events several times a year in various venues in the West of Ireland, as well as doing advocacy and awareness work, including educational sessions, to benefit the LGBT+ community, both in Connacht and on a national level.

OutWest was one of the founding members of the National LGBT Helpline, as well as Mayo Pride which has taken place every year since 2017.

More recently, the group has opened a Drop-In Centre for LGBT+ people in Castlebar, Mayo. This serves as a safe social space to give LGBT+ people an opportunity to meet together in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere and to discuss group events and LGBT+ issues. New faces appear regularly and are always welcome.

I didn’t know anyone else that was LGBT in school. So I didn’t really know how to word it.


Do you want to become a Volunteer or have a Question? Feel free to contact us…

    Every year we organise multiple events to get the community together. These range from dinners, walks, bbq’s and bowling to meetings, workshops, information evenings, parties and everything in between.

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