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Pride News

Pride groups located in the West of Ireland

Mayo Pride

Mayo Pride

Mayo Pride was launched in 2017 and marked an incredible twenty year journey from when the support group OutWest was started in 1997 to a parade through the rainbow decorated streets of Castlebar in 2017.  Our goal was to create unity in the community without losing our individuality, to encourage diversity without focusing on our differences, to promote our beautiful county and above all to celebrate the wonderful uniqueness in everyone.  We at Mayo Pride will continue to work hard at achieving these goals and to provide a vibrant, exciting festival for our LGBT+ and wider community.

We want to be visible, to show people that they aren’t alone, that they are entitled to be themselves and that the way to fit in is sometimes to stand out.  Pride is a celebration of life, love and living.

Galway Pride

The annual Galway Pride Festival – the longest continual Pride event in Ireland – will take place from Monday August 9 to Sunday 15 and this year’s theme will be ‘Hope’. This new event will encompass everything that makes our city the cultural magnet that it is. The aim is to encourage involvement from the wider community, and to highlight the great variety of people that make Galway such a vibrant and exciting place to live and visit. Events throughout the week will include evenings of information and awareness, arts and performance, music nights and the colourful parade on the final Saturday of the festival. The Galway Pride Festival committee would welcome expressions of interest from people wishing to take part in the festival, from street entertainers to volunteers.

Sligo Pride

Sligo Pride was formed in 2019 with the support of local LGBTIQA+ individuals coming together to present Pride in Sligo. It is the third carnation of Pride in Sligo and the North-West and returns to Sligo town after three years away. 2019 was our ‘Sligo Pride Comeback’ and just goes to show the spirit of the Pride Movement in the North-West of Ireland.

Sligo Pride shares in the values of ‘Pride as Protest’ and ‘Pride as Celebration’. We are committed to building positive visibility for all LGBTIQA+ individuals through the staging of our Pride Festival and year round events supporting the LGBTIQA+ community. We believe in the promotion of dignity and equality of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex (LGBTIQA+) people.

We will continue to work hard at achieving these goals and to provide a vibrant, exciting festival for our LGBTIQA+ and wider community.

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    Every year we organise multiple events to get the community together. These range from dinners, walks, bbq’s and bowling to meetings, workshops, information evenings, parties and everything in between.

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